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Leverage our financial advisor lead generation experience to
drive more qualified leads and ideal clients on demand.

If any of these challenges are real for you right now, then you’ve come to the right place.

Because it’s challenges like these that we specialise in solving, and have solved successfully many times over for financial services professionals just like you

For example:

We generated 1,429 subscribers and 131 new client consultation leads from Facebook alone in just 6 months – cost-effectively.
Thanks to a range of lead generation and sales process improvements, I went from 70 hour weeks to 40 hour weeks, while doubling lodgements.
We’re generating up to 10 qualified enquiries
per day.
By positioning ourselves as specialists, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in both quality and quantity of inbound leads.
Marketing Results provided the strategy to generate quality SMSF lending leads – so much so that we sometimes can’t cope with the volume.
“We have a consistent and inexpensive stream of qualified enquiries from Facebook Pay Per Click Marketing.”

Why Most Financial Planning Lead Generation Fails

You probably realise that digital marketing is becoming too diverse and too specialised to do it all yourself in-house, so you go out and ask the experts.

And what do they tell you?

  • The web design firm says:
    “with this new website, customers will be lining up to do business with you”.
  • The SEO company says:
    “give us 6 to 12 months, and we’ll get you to the top of Google…maybe”.
  • Financial Advisor Lead GenerationThe Google Ads consultant says:
    “SEO is too slow and unpredictable… hand over your credit card and we’ll get you as much traffic as you want”.
  • The social media goo-roo says:
    “Search is dead. Just start making friends and connecting with people on Facebook and Twitter, and trust me, it’ll pay off down the track.”

Please don’t misunderstand me. All these things have their place.

But what typically happens is, you end up implementing a bunch of disconnected tactics that are NOT tightly aligned with your ultimate goal: driving highly-qualified sales leads and ideal clients into your firm, so you can get back to doing what you do best – advising clients and writing new business.

And without that all-important integration, it’s all too easy to end up spinning your wheels, doing a lot of activity and spending a lot of money, but ultimately losing ground to your competitors and you find yourself feeling…

Overwhelmed. Stuck. And Frustrated.

All because you see other financial services firms enjoying visibility and success on the web, and know you could too, if only you could get this strategy piece figured out.

We’ve seen many mortgage and finance brokers wrestle with these issues over the last 18+ years, and as a result have developed a unique integrated lead and sales generation methodology for financial advisors that not only sounds good in theory, but has also delivered an unrivalled track record of client results.

Even More Benefits Of Engaging A Financial Advisor
Lead Generation Specialist

Dealing with a marketing and lead generation specialist in the financial services industry means you get to “hit the ground running” and get results in the door faster. This is Because:

  • We already understand typical revenue models and commission levels; the importance of building repeat business; typical valuation methods and other financial aspects of the industry.
  • We know what a “good result” looks like and what Cost Per Lead and/or lead-to-sale conversion rates are achievable and scaleable.
  • We’re familiar with the players (and gaps) in the market.
  • We already know what types of positioning strategies work well for firms of different sizes (and which approaches to avoid at all costs).
  • You won’t need to teach us about industry jargon, product features or portfolio structuring approaches – we have a solid grounding already.
  • We have financial advising lead generation specialists already on our team (e.g. content writers) who are able to produce professional work without a giant learning curve.
  • Most of all, we’ve been able to deliver consistent results for financial advising lead generation clients again and again over the last 18+ years.

Get in touch to schedule an
Online Marketing Growth Session.

As a result of this session you’ll get specific advice and strategies for boosting
your lead generation and sales results.

How We’re Different From Every Other Marketing Agency
You May Be Considering

Apart from specialising in financial advisor lead generation, we’ve designed our consulting and delivery processes to offer you a better, faster and more certain outcome.

Some of the specific differences include:

  • Diagnosis before prescription: we seek to understand your specific marketing and growth challenges before recommending a proposed solution. We don’t simply copy-and-paste your name into the same cookie-cutter proposal document.
  • A unique positioning methodology, based around the Conversion Kaleidoscope framework. This short-cuts your success by allowing you to craft a Unique Value Proposition squarely aimed at your ideal client’s buying hot buttons.
  • Tight integration of traffic generation and conversion tactics, deployed in the right order at the right time, for the right reasons. This ensures you’re always focusing on the critical constraint that is holding you back from reaching the next level of success.
  • Lower cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale by filtering out what’s NOT working and ramping up what is working.
  • We optimise for more revenue and profit, not just “more traffic”. Rankings and traffic are great, but if new visitors don’t convert into actual dollars, it doesn’t matter.
  • Accountability for online lead generation results. We keep you informed of current progress and next steps and keep deliverables moving along. We DON’T turn you into the “project manager” of your own digital marketing activities, or force you to chase, chase, chase in order to get anything done.
  • Better QUALITY leads resulting in better clients. By aligning your marketing around one or more ideal client profiles, you attract more new prospects who already have investment potential… are pleasant to deal with…. and are a better fit with what you do.
  • We free up your time and give you renewed mental energy to focus on what’s important to you.

Our Financial Advising Lead Generation Services

Much like your own financial advice process, rather than just jumping in and “doing stuff”, we first formulate and agree on the right strategy.

Once your strategy is locked down, we move onto execution, which may include some or all of the following:

  • Website development
  • Copywriting
  • Collateral creation (e.g. white papers)
  • Video or webinar scripting
  • Marketing automation campaigns
  • List segmentation
  • Email marketing
  • Google Ads management
  • Facebook Ad management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content marketing
  • Landing page creation
  • A/B split testing
  • Retargeting
  • Sales process automation
  • Sales training
  • Cross-sell campaigns
  • Upsell campaigns
  • Referral generation
  • Analytics and optimisation

Who Is A Fit To Work With
Marketing Results?

Client fit is very important to us. Here are some of the qualities shared by our most successful and longest-standing clients:

  • You are in the financial services industry. This is our “sweet spot” where we can add the most value.
  • You already understand and appreciate how important the web is in your marketing mix. You’re not looking for someone to convince you that digital marketing is important.
  • You understand and value the importance of strategy. If all you’re looking for is a team of “web monkeys”, that’s not us.
  • You are aiming to significantly grow your revenue in the next 12 months – even if you don’t know the “how”, and…
  • Doing so is one of your top priorities right now.

If this sounds like you, contact us to schedule an Online Marketing Growth
Session to explore if we’re a good fit.

And Who Is NOT A Fit?

Just like any business, there are certain types of clients that we’re not able to help. If any of the following apply, we’re not a match:

  • If you are brand new to the industry or your business is just starting out. Once you’ve found your feet, we can help you scale up.
  • If your firm is in the economic “Emergency Ward” and you need a miracle to turn things around. We recommend you “right the ship” first, before engaging our services.
  • If you really don’t believe online marketing can possibly work for you. We’re not in the business of convincing you

If you’re still with me, then you may be asking yourself…

“OK, What’s The Next Step?”

If you’re open to exploring how we can help you create a reliable and consistent flow of quality leads and ideal clients from the web, here are a few ways to move forward:

Option 1: Get Free Strategies

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Option 2: Contact us

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